Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A is for Acceptance

There are so many things we have to learn to accept when we become mothers.

We accept that our bodies are forever changed.
We accept that uninterrupted sleep is a thing of the past.
We accept that we will go out in public with spit up on our clothes.
We accept that the days of privacy in the bathroom have ended.

Then, there are the bigger things we accept as our children grow.

We accept that we actually have very little control over how our children turn out.
We accept that our kids may travel a different path than we would have liked them to.
We accept that our family may not resemble the picture we always had in our head.

We also need to accept that we will not be perfect parents. Accept that we will make mistakes and we will mess up and that is part of being a parent.

When we do mess up, we need to accept blame and responsibility.  When our kids make mistakes, which they will, we need to accept their apology and move on.

What part of motherhood do you need to accept today?

Till tomorrow,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cherishing each Mama moment

I texted him at 9pm “This time 18 years ago you were 45 minutes old :) Love you so much!”
How do eighteen years go by in the blink of an eye?

How do you put the brakes on this growing up and becoming a man thing that is happening before your eyes?  How do you look up into the eyes of the baby that is taller than you and not want to press rewind to the days when he sat in your lap asking you to “read it 'gain, mama” or when he would fall asleep on your shoulder with a strand of your hair wrapped in his chubby hand so he would be instantly alerted when you tried to lay him in his crib?

I know that when you are in the throes of temper tantrums, runny noses and sleepless nights that it is hard to imagine ever wishing every.single.one of those days back again.  Believe me, I know!
But, you will.

spring 2013 107

The next time you think you just can’t answer one more question that begins with the word “why” or you are bent low, wiping up the milk that was spilled on your newly mopped floor or you are returning your strong willed four year old to the time out chair for the 15th time {that day}, know that you are doing a good job. 

That while every parenting choice you make may not be the right one as long as you are doing your best and loving your best and just getting through the best you can, your child is soaking it all in.

And, one day when they are turning 18 and realizing their time under your roof is coming to an end sooner than you or they ever imagined they will say “You are the best mom” and they will mean it.
Cause those days you lost your temper or crawled into bed thinking “I can’t do this another day” or wished for the day they would be grown and not need you so much, that is not what your son will remember.

He will remember the days you played H-O-R-S-E with him instead of doing the dishes, the days that you kissed his sweaty forehead when he was sick, the days that you read that story for the 100th time.

And, you mama- you will remember it all. And wish it hadn’t gone by so stinkin’ fast.

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