Monday, January 6, 2014

When having a baby isn't what you expected

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being pregnant. 

There is new life growing inside you. And while that can be an intimidating thought, it's also pretty cool!  You and your baby have a special bond since no one else gets to feel those first little flutters of movement. 

Then the baby arrives.  Maybe you have to have a c-section and don't feel up to bonding those first few days.  Maybe your baby arrives early and has to stay in the NICU for a while.  Maybe your baby was just born fussy.  Whatever the case may be, the reality of what life is like once the baby gets here is often quite different than what we expected.

Not to mention that everyone has an opinion about how you should care for him/her- breast or bottle? Cloth or disposable? Co-sleep or let them cry it out in their crib? 

And, who is going to watch your child while you go back to school or work?  How will you find time to do homework, let alone sleep?  How will you make your minimum wage paycheck stretch to afford diapers and daycare?

The reality of having a baby young can be a hard reality to face. 

The added pressure of wanting to give your child all that you never had growing up will leave you feeling overwhelmed.

But, wait! This was supposed to be fun.  You were finally going to have someone that loved you unconditionally.  You were going to be the mom you always wanted. 

But most nights you cry yourself to sleep, feeling like you failed your baby and yourself.

How can you be a happy mom with all this {and more} on your shoulders?

It is possible, I promise.  Come back tomorrow and we will talk about it.

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